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Results of the battery project

We set up bins and started collecting partially used batteries from different offices 4-6 times a year 


In return, taught the offices the importance of reusing and recycling.

We told them about alternative sources of energy like solar power.

Change Will Happen Inc donated - reusable batteries and charging stations to a few of these offices. 

We could see a positive impact (they were discarding less batteries) when the offices started using more and more rechargable batteries everyday.

Result - In 2016 we collected over 30 lbs of batteries. After setting up bins, donating rechargable batteries and talking to the staff about chemicals leaching into soil, the number dropped a little every year. 

In 2018 we collected less batteries and noted a 30% drop in battery usage in 2 years.  

In 2020, we noted a 40% drop in the battery usage by the same offices in 4 years.

Up until May 2021, we have collected was far less (but this could be because of the COVID19 pandemic)

Yay! for our environment

Future Plans - We have recruited a few more volunteers and have set up used battery collection bins across the Goethals Bridge in Elizabeth and in Union, NJ. We have set up a team in Michigan. 

We plan to set up collection bins on 5th Avenue in NYC and in Maplewood NJ.

Reusing is important. it's better than recycling
A little time and a tiny amount of effort can help keep our planet earth green. 


This project gave us an opportunity to spread the world about reuse, recycling and using rechargable batteries to our friends at the office and in our community.  
Our friends, our local community and neighbors were very happy as they got free batteries to put in their TV and video remotes and portable devices. 

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