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Thank you so very much, I couldn't have done it without you.
I will never forget your generosity. I hope to make you proud one day

Sponsors 2022
Drs Suresh & Suman Goyal
Dr Manisha Grover
Ms Francis Kweller
Dr Pooja Malhotra

Award money from Art connection

Sponsors 2021
Minigrant from Jane Goodall's Roots and Shoots
Mrs. Rose Belfer
Dr. Mrinal Koul
Mrs. Sahar Rifi
Ms. Nancy Gonzalez
Dr. Kiran Jadeja X2
Mr. David Constantine
Ms. Beneda Dickerson
Dr. Pascale Ferdinand
Ms. Chona Aureada
Mr Vicky Vij
Mrs. Barbara Schwartz
Ms. Carmen Rodriguez

Sponsors 2020
Minigrant from Coventure19 for mask making project
Minigrant from Karma for Cara for mask making project
Mrs. Debbie Skeete-Bernard
Dr. Lorna Bayes
Miss. Nikita & Mr. Harsh Agarwal
Ms. Nancy Gonzalez
Dr. Heather Lefkowitz, MD
Drs. Suman & Suresh Goyal, MD
 Mr. Arihunt Garg
Miss. Diya, Misha & Sonia Goyal
Dr Kiran Jadeja
Grant from Bristol Myers Squibb  for Stuy STEM Goes Red
Mr.  Anthony Naples

2019 Sponsors
Dr Tarang Sharma
Prize Money from Stony Brook Japanese Essay Writing competition
Ms. Renee Broccoli
Mr. Jaquon Heath (JC)
Kweller Prep - Ms Frances Kweller
Miss. Riya & Siyona Malhotra
Dr Elena Dragun
Miss. Naina Grover
Dr.  Brian & Miss. Leah Smighelschi
Drs Suresh & Suman Goyal

2018 Sponsors
Drs Suresh & Suman Goyal

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