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About Us
    Avni Garg is a senior at Stuyvesant High School and a junior docent at the Staten Island Zoo. She is also the President of Change Will Happen Inc.      Her life changing moment was in 2018 on her first international Medical Mission to Haiti. She has been on a mission to the Philippines since then. The tenacity of the human spirit and acts of kindness in adverse situations never cease to amaze her.
    She loves nature and science. Avni is constantly looking for new ways to keep kids interested in science and help preserve our ecosystems.
    A healthy and inquisitive mind needs a healthy body. Dance is the most enjoyable exercise throughout the world.  That's why she advocates that dance makes the heart beat better.
    A classical music performer, it is Avni's life long ambition to connect science and music and make it available to all. 
   Arihunt Garg is a 7th grader at Speyer Legacy School in New York city and he knows the subway system like the back of his hand. Arihunt loves tennis, soccer, Star Wars, science and nature. He seeks out junior ranger programs through out America and loves his pet tortoise.
   Arihunt is very excited about doing his part to save the environment. he took the lead on the NYCares coat project in 2020 and really enjoys handing out free batteries.

Like many of us Avni & Arihunt witnessed the physical and emotional toll COVID pandemic has taken. It got personal as they watched one of their best friends suffer from this dreadful disease. Avni and Arihunt decided to tackle two issues in one when they chose to sew reusable masks. Sewing is creative, safe to do when quarantined and a great stress buster. Making these masks was their way of giving back to society and boosting our countries’ dwindling PPE supply. Soon Arihunt had cut and Avni had sewn over 1500 masks.

Avni formed a team of frontliners, nurses, technicians, physicians called “Masked Superheroes”. Their moto is “superheroes helping each other.” and they have enthusiastically taken on the daunting task of cutting, stitching and distributing 4500 of these amazing masks.

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