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pacemaker on heart1.jpg

Self powered pacemaker

By Arihunt Garg & Siyona Malhotra

Electromagnetic induction is the process by which a current can be induced to flow in a wire due to a changing magnetic field.

Thanks to Lenz's law of conservation of energy and Faraday's law of rate of change of magnetic flux through a loop, we know that if we move a Copper wire in a magnetic field, current will be generated.

Keeping the same thing in mind if you move the magnet and the coil is relatively stationery, current will be generated and the bulb will light up

Shake-a- generator The shake-a-gen J. P. Hare, IOP press, Journal of Physics Education, 09-2002, p.436-439

shake a gen.jpg

Placing Shake-a- generator on the heart

pacemaker on heart3.jpg

Cardiac contraction will move the magnet up and relaxation will move the magnet down. Generating indefinite energy which can power pacemaker function

pacemaker on heart4.jpg
pacemaker on heart2.jpg
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