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05-2020 We are living in unprecedented times. Sars-Cov-2 has created a terrible epidemic. Although the numbers are getting better, we are still not out of the woods yet. People are getting sick enough to be hospitalized. Despite the best care, some of them are not surviving this dreadful disease. Hospitals and their resources are strained. Healthcare workers are working extra shifts, even when they may not have the required PPE (personal protective equipment).  They are willingly taking risks and putting themselves in harms’ way to help our loved ones. I'm sure we all know of at least 1-2 people who have been taken care of by nurses, doctors, physician assistants and other health care providers in the recent past.

Project 1) Fortifying our Frontliners. We have been creating PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for healthcare workers. We have used Halyard H650 to stitch 370 N95 grade (it has passed the basic test but is not officially approved yet) face masks so far.

Project 2) Thanking healthcare workers by sending them THANK YOU! cards, poems, drawings and letters. We have collected and distributed over 300 hand made cards so far to doctors, nurses and technicians. 

Stitched/Produced and donated so far

Face masks   -   4500    ( N95 grade face masks)

    Distributed to

         350 Beth Israel Medical Center, Newark, NJ

         250 Trinitas Regional Medical Center, Elizabeth , NJ

         200 People of Haiti

         200 People of the Philippines

         250 Citizens of Elizabeth, NJ

         300 Nursing home residents

         550 Places of worship in NY and NJ

         550 Physician offices in NY and NJ

         800 Citizens and Peaceful protesters in NYC

         550 Local Businesses in our community

          100 pledged to Epicenter NYC

Thank you! KARMA FOR KARA for your Microgrant! KarmaForCara.org

Thank You! COVENTURE 19 for your Microgrant! Coventure19.com

My team has made 2000 masks for DPM - Thank you Albina, Mercedes, Rose, Asia, Josie, Cynthia & Arihunt DPMfoundation.org

Purchased Gowns    -    100    Goal achieved - thank you Suresh Goyal

Stitched gowns - 150   Goal achieved - thank you Nancy Gonzales & Debbie Bernard

Face shields      -  500   Goal achieved - thank you CNIL at NBIMC

Surgical caps   - 250    Thank you Nikita & Harsh Agarwal 

Shoe covers     -  450     Goal achieved - thank you Thamodi Rajapakse

Handmade card and messages - 300 Goal achieved

Dinner for 300 healthcare workers -  distributed to Trinitas Regional Medical Center, NJ & The Mount Sinai Hospital, NYC. Thank you ASUSA and Arjun bhaiya

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