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PPE are Masks, Gowns, Shields &  shoe covers required to be worn by Healthcare Workers when they treat a patient with COVID. This equipment is necessary to prevent the worker from getting affected by the disease and also to prevent the spread of diease from one patient to the other.


HAND WASHING is the best way to prevent disease spread.


We are living in unprecedented times. Sars-Cov-2 has created a terrible epidemic. People are getting sick enough to be hospitalized. Despite the best care, some of them are not surviving this dreadful disease. Hospitals and their resources are strained. Healthcare workers are working extra shifts, even when they may not have the required PPE (personal protective equipment).  They are willingly taking risks and putting themselves in harms’ way to help our loved ones. I'm sure we all know of at least 1-2 people who have been taken care of by nurses, doctors, physician assistants and other health care providers in the recent past.

Project 1) 1) Fortifying our Frontliners. We have been creating PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for healthcare workers. We have used Halyard H650 to stitch 140 N95 grade (it has pased the basic test but is not officially approved yet) face masks so far.

We have donated 120 to healthcare workers at Newark Beth Israel Hospital in Newark, NJ. We are in the process of fundraising to get materials to stitch 150 more and donate them to the hospital.

We have fund raised enough to put in a purchase order for 100 gowns and 450 shoe covers which have been distributed to healthcare workers in New York and New Jersey. We have stitched and distributed 55 disposable gowns, 500 face shields and 110 surgical caps so far.  We are fundraising for material, electric cutter and a better sewing machine. 

We will be helping DPM stitch their goal of 20,000 face masks.

Project 2) Thanking healthcare workers by sending them THANK YOU! cards, poems, drawings and letters.

We have collected and distributed 254 hand made cards so far to doctors, nurses and technicians. 


Thank you Thamodi Rajapakse and her family for donating funds and shoe covers in the memory of  her grandfather Mr Gamini Wimalaratne and her sister Miss Kaushalya Gayatry Rajapakse

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