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What is Bollywood?

                                                        Movies produced in India are called Bollywood movies.

In terms of numbers of movies produced, the Indian film industry is the largest in the world. The industry started around 1910 in Bombay (now Mumbai) and that’s why they are called “B” ollywood movies.

The movies are usually made in Hindi but are translated into many languages and seen in  Asia - India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Korea, Indonesia, Burma, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, China and Japan, Eastern European countries like Poland, Romania, countries of  the former USSR, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, New Guinea, Suriname, Guyana, Arabia, Egypt, UK, France, Israel and Canada

Indian movies are almost always musical  ( think sound of music, La la land and Bohemian rhapsody) with elaborate sets and lots of drama which usually goes over the top. They promise to entertain – and they do.  


Songs and dance sequences play a very special role in Bollywood movies.  Infact they can financially “make or break a movie”

The music can be Hindustani classical, sufi or western, pop, rock or jazz – or it can be a rich amalgamation of many styles. Because of this uniqueness, it’s called Bollywood music or filmy music. Its multilingual, easy on the ears, very popular and everybody is singing it.  

Dance sequensces are choreographed around the mood, temperament and the lyrics of the song. The dancing style is therefore a combination of many styles, from all over the world. Actors don't sing their songs but they certainly dance their own dances. They tend to introduce a their own moves and that ends up becoming their signature style.


Many actors are remembered for their signature dance moves decades after they have passed away.  Bollywood dance is now a bonified dancing style. Apart from movies, there are Bollywood dance shows and competitions, Bollywood training schools and thousands of sites on the internet eager to teach us all this rich and diverse dance form.

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