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Story - how it all Started
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       I went to Middle School at New Explorations in Science and Technology +Math in NYC. Back in 2015, I started teaching my friend Ella a few basic steps during our school lunch break. She had never danced Bollywood before, but she was dancing like a pro in 3 days (just 3 lunch breaks!)  We performed at our school talent show. Everybody loved it!  More people wanted to join. By the following year, we had better costumes and a larger group. Our Principal Mr Mark Berkovitz mentioned my dance revolution at my graduation. Thanks Mr. Berkovitz!


       We made a video of a 30 second dance sketch. We broke each step down and first went over the leg movements and then the hand movements. We then sent it to 5 other girls who never danced in their whole life. They tried the steps for a few days and gave me a demonstration when we met. This proved to be a great form of feedback as it told me how effective the video demonstration was. I then tweaked and even reshot portions of the video and sent it back to them.

      A few months after my team of 5 and I did a dance workshop at Staten Island Academy.  They were so impressed, even the school principal joined in. They asked us to come the following year.  

     I joined Stuyvesant High school in 2018, I lead a Bollywood dance team at Stuy SOS in 2018. My team also took part in the New York City Dance parade in 2019. This year my proposal for StuyNaach a bonafide Bollywood dance team has been accepted. I have also formed a club along with the American Heart Association called STEM Goes Red. It's the first of its kind in the entire USA! My team and I plan to demonstrate the beneficial effects of exercise through dance on the heart.

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